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Sedation Dentistry in Scottsdale

Relax During Treatment With Sedation Dentistry


Most people don’t like to go to the dentist – and the biggest reason is that they find it hard to relax while undergoing dental procedures that may be uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing. Even when your dentist reassures you that everything will be okay or that your procedure should be painless, it’s natural to feel a sense of unease at the onset of – and during – orthodontic or dental work. However, it’s important to attend to dental and orthodontic issues in order to preserve oral and dental hygiene. 

At Dental Center of Scottsdale, we offer three types of sedation to help our clients relax and feel at ease during dental procedures.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to the medicative methods used by dental offices to allow patients to remain relaxed while they undergo a procedure. There are different levels of sedation; some allow the patient to remain awake, while in other cases, they are unconscious during the procedure.

Who Benefits from Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is useful for people who have a deep fear or anxiety of medical and dental offices that would obstruct the dentist from completing the necessary procedure that needs to be undertaken. However, beyond anxious patients, sedation is sometimes medically necessary. It can also be useful for patients who:

  • Have a poor gag reflex
  • Need a lot of dental work done
  • Have extremely low pain tolerance levels
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Have other medical or physical issues that make dental treatment difficult

Sedation Dentistry at Dental Center of Scottsdale

At Dental Center of Scottsdale, we are registered with the State of Arizona to administer both IV and oral sedation dentistry. If you need a dental procedure but require sedation, Dr. Jonathan Kalika and the medical team will determine the best route to take in order to achieve safe, effective sedation that eases your fears and anxiety. Call us today to learn more about our sedation options.

Types of Sedation We Offer

We offer three types of sedation at Dental Center of Scottsdale:

  • Nitrous/inhaled minimal sedation. Often referred to as ‘laughing gas,’ nitrous oxide is a popular sedation option. This allows you to relax, but wears off quickly.
  • Oral/non-IV sedation. With this type of medication, your dentist can control the level of sedation you receive – between minimal and moderate. It’s often used for longer procedures.
  • IV sedation. We use IV sedation – working with a drug called dexamethasone – for serious cases of anxiety and in cases where we need to perform long, complex, and potentially painful procedures, such as full mouth reconstruction.

Visit Our Office for a Relaxing Dental Experience

We know visiting the dentist can trigger anxiety and fear. At Dental Center of Scottsdale, we take every measure possible, including offering sedation dentistry, to ensure that you have a pleasant, pain-free, comfortable experience. 

Schedule an appointment with us today.