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Same-Day Dentistry in Scottsdale

Get Your Dental Work Done in One Day

Same Day Dentistry

As our lives get increasingly complex, we find it more and more difficult to fit all of our important tasks into our daily schedule. Dental work can take up a lot of time – from scheduling appointments and planning visits, to taking multiple days off work to see the dentist. However, thanks to advances in technology, many fairly complex dental procedures can be done all in one day. 

At Dental Center of Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona, we’re dedicated to investing in the latest technology available to make dental care quicker and easier for our patients. Call us today to find out more about the types of dental procedures that you can do at our office in just one day.

Same-Day Crowns, Bridges, and Implant Restoration

At Dental Center of Scottsdale, you can walk out of our offices with brand-new crowns and bridges without having to schedule extra appointments or wait for lab results. This is all thanks to innovative CEREC Primescan technology. This allows Dr. Jonathan Kalika and the dental team to design, mill, and custom-shade crowns and bridges right at our Sahuaro Drive facility. 

Advances in technology have also made it possible for us to undertake same-day implant restoration in-house at our clinic’s facilities. If you are in Scottsdale, Arizona, and need dental work done but simply don’t have the time for multiple visits and long wait times, same-day dentistry might be the solution. 

Schedule an appointment for one of our walk-in, walk-out procedures today.

Same-Day Dentistry at Dental Center of Scottsdale

Dr. Jonathan Kalika and the dental professionals at Dental Center of Scottsdale are committed to providing the best care possible through utilizing the latest technology and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Our motto, “Do it with love or don't do it at all,” informs every single procedure that we undertake. 

When it comes to same-day dentistry, Dr. Kalika’s priorities are accuracy, efficiency, and ensuring that the patient walks out of our dental center with results they are proud of.

Schedule an Appointment for Same-Day Dentistry

It doesn’t have to take forever to get a great smile! At Dental Center of Scottsdale, Dr. Kalika is proud to offer same-day dental services that let you get back to your life as quickly as possible. 

Schedule an appointment to see Dr. Kalika today, or call to find out more.