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Wisdom Teeth Removal and Oral Surgery in Scottsdale


A small minority of the population does not need to have their wisdom teeth removed. However, if you are like the majority of adults in the United States, at some point in your life, your dentist will recommend having your wisdom teeth extracted. Similarly, if you are experiencing dental issues that go beyond the scope of a regular dental problem, your dentist might recommend oral surgery. 

Wisdom teeth removal and other types of oral surgery can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing, but a good dentist or oral surgeon will equip you with facts, reassure you, and ensure that you remain comfortable before, during, and after your procedure. 

Dr. Jonathan Kalika and the dental team at Dental Center of Scottsdale in Arizona take a family approach to wisdom teeth removal and oral surgery – making sure you have everything you need, you feel comfortable, and you get the results you came for. Schedule an appointment to speak to our team today.

Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth Removal at Dental Center of Scottsdale

At Dental Center of Scottsdale, we’re committed to investing in the latest technology so our clients can get the quality care they deserve when it comes to wisdom teeth extraction or oral surgery. That’s why we implement innovative 3D imaging using the Sirona Galileo Comfort Plus, which allows us to capture up to 220 high-quality images in just 14 seconds. This innovation allows us to execute oral surgery more accurately while facilitating easier communication between staff and patients. 

Oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal require the use of sedation. We are registered with the State of Arizona to administer both IV and oral sedation dentistry, so when you visit us, you can rest assured that you are in experienced, caring hands. 

Call us to find out more details about our Saturday IV clinics, which we host to take care of the dental needs of Scottsdale residents who cannot come to see us on weekdays.

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Oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal can be intimidating to think about, but a good dental practice can help you overcome your anxiety, and with the help of modern technology, help you to restore your oral and dental health. 

Visit us on Sahuaro Drive, call us for more information, or schedule an appointment today.